Welcome to WDR (Wilson Drinks Report)

Decision makers and other stakeholders in the UK drinks industry face challenging and uncertain times.

Independent analysis and insight is highly valued – businesses, trade associations, analysts and other organisations closely linked with the industry constantly seek balanced views on key trends and changes in consumer behaviour.

WDR has established a reputation for providing independent insight, detailed analysis and primary consumer research focused on the UK alcoholic drinks industry.

WDR has 5 core services :


The original quarterly Wilson Drinks Report, covering the off trade, on trade and online channels. A blend of analysis, consumer research and market data that delivers real value :

  • Expert analysis and insight
  • Special focus items on key topics impacting decision makers
  • Regular primary consumer research (over 1,500 British adult drinkers)
  • MAT volume and value data & trends
  • Other market statistics and supporting data

Consumer Wine Panel

A new panel of over 600 wine drinkers, set up in conjunction with Local Wine School.

Online BWS Trends

A range of quarterly and annual reports, using quarterly epos data provided by 15 leading online BWS retailers which WDR analyses for key trends, issues and opportunities.

This level of detailed channel insight is not available anywhere else!

No modelling, no extrapolation, no guesswork.

WDR Qualitative

A full range of qualitative consumer research services, provided in association with Axis Management Consulting.

WDR Confidential

A bespoke quantitative consumer research service which has been specifically tailored for the BWS industry. WDR Confidential accesses 2,000 representative British adults from a nationwide panel of over 300,000 adults. Approximately 85% of British adults are alcohol drinkers.

Brexit and BWS

Click here to view the initial WDR analysis of Brexit : the vote and immediate aftermath.

Budget 2016

Click here to view WDR analysis of Chancellor Osborne’s 8th Budget, delivered on 16 March 2016.

WDR BWS Conference

Thinking Outside the Bottle

A new type of business conference for anyone involved in beers, wines and spirits (BWS).

A half day conference will bring together an impressive array of speakers with their own unique, external perspective of the BWS industry.

More details to follow soon.

Contact WDR

If you want to contact WDR :

Tim Wilson (0) 44 118 974 4390


Latest WDR Reports

15 leading online BWS retailers who supply quarterly ePOS data to WDR :






About the WDR Reports

How do I purchase a copy of WDR?
Easy – click here to purchase our range of reports, you can pay by invoice or online by credit card.

How much does it cost?

£500 + VAT for a single edition of WDR.

VAT is applied where applicable.

What do I get?
A customised PDF copy of WDR, with your logo on the cover. Ideal to share with colleagues within your organisation.
Crisp, easy to read mix of analysis, opinion, charts and tables.

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